States of Guernsey to 'plug gaps' in contributions records due to lockdown

Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Guernsey and Alderney who could not meet their normal social security contributions because of lockdown will not have to pay to plug the gaps.

The States of Guernsey says employed islanders who saw their earnings reduced during the second Bailiwick-wide lockdown will be awarded 'contribution credits' to make up the amounts they were unable to pay at the time.

It means they will not have to make a voluntary payment of £21.09 for any weeks missed between 23 January and 21 March and their entitlement to benefit and contribution records will be protected.

Islanders will be eligible for a credit if they were employed at 23 January 2021 and were in Guernsey for at least part of each of the weeks where there is a gap in their contributions record during the lockdown period.

This will be handled by the Revenue Service and islanders will not have to do anything to receive the credits.

Anyone who thinks they may be eligible but has been asked to make a voluntary contribution is asked to contact