Sarah Groves' parents are 'more hopeful now than ever before' for trial outcome

The parents of Sarah Groves are "more hopeful now than ever before" for getting a trial outcome.

Today (6 April) marks eight years since the death of Sarah Groves from Guernsey.

The 24-year-old was murdered on a houseboat in Kashmir, India on 6 April 2013.

Dutch national, Richard De Wit, was arrested shortly after Sarah's death, but the trial has been repeatedly delayed.

There have been more than 200 scheduled hearings.

Sarah's parents Vic and Kate Groves say the case "is at a critical stage" and that the investigation has taken a "significant step forward".

Unless there is another twist or turn, the people we are dealing with in India are now pushing for the trial to happen as soon as possible. I think we might get there by the end of April.

Vic Groves, Sarah's father

The work of the Sarah Groves Foundation continues to support young lives in Guernsey, but the charity has been affected by Covid-19.

The latest project to be announced is the provision of a children’s playground in Sark, which is scheduled to open in May.

On 17 February, Guernsey Post announced the launch of Clematis Gold, a new miniature sheet series depicting award-winning clematis. The flower has been cultivated by Guernsey grower, Raymond Evison OBE.