Teenage drug and alcohol support charity in Jersey wants to help more young people

  • Caroline Lewis speaks to Jason Wyse, Chief Executive of Silkworth Charity Group

Staff at a new residential home for teenagers with alcohol and drug problems in Jersey say they want to help as many young people as possible. Hope House, which is part of the Silkworth Charity, has already taken its first referrals. It caters for those aged between 13 and 18 and also helps young people with underlying mental health conditions.

Hope House aims to help young people with mental health struggles as well. Credit: Silkworth Charity Group

The group says its referral list is still growing and they believe the centre is really having a benefit on young people in the island.

we've been receiving a number of calls over the last, last few years, in fact, from parents, schools, services, asking if we can support. So the demand is absolutely there for young person coming to stay here I mean what does that stay look like it's very structured.

Jason Wyse, Chief Executive, Silkworth Group
Credit: ITV Channel TV

Mr Wyse also says he is hoping the work of charity will be noticed by the government as it currently relies solely on donations from the public and businesses.

We want to provide a service that delivers something to young people that is greatly missing in the island. Our treatment programme will work towards preventing a spiral into more serious levels of mental health issues if caught early enough. This intervention will be life changing for many young islanders, helping them to find themselves and build self-esteem and courage.

Jason Wyse, CEO Silkworth Group