Jersey's Roadmap: What's next?

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Over the past month several steps have been taken to ease Jersey's Covid restrictions, including the reintroduction of some household mixing and the reopening of pubs.

Almost all restrictions currently in place to manage the coronavirus pandemic in Jersey are due to be lifted by June.

However the government are reserving the right to delay these changes if there is a significant uptick in cases of Covid-19 in the island.

But where are we at? And what is next? Here is the Roadmap as of 9 April 2021:

Monday 12 April

  • Physical distancing requirements are replaced with guidance

  • Indoor and outdoor gathering maximum size increased to 20

  • No limit on number of spectators are allowed at outdoor sports

  • Working from home guidance ends

  • No limits on size of gatherings in venues, such as controlled wedding receptions, wakes or theatre performances

  • Masks continue to be worn indoors

Monday 26 April

Monday 10 May

  • Standing alcoholic drink service resumes

  • Saunas and jacuzzis reopen

  • Masks are still required indoors

Monday 14 June

  • Unlimited number of people allowed in homes and gardens

  • Nightclubs fully reopen, and dancing is allowed

  • Live music permitted

  • Larger events can resume subject to a risk assessment