Snapshots of the Duke of Edinburgh's visits to the Channel Islands

Jersey Archive is home to a collection of Royal artifacts which give an insight into Prince Philip’s time in the Channel Islands.

Everything from official documents to behind-the-scenes notes are meticulously catalogued and stored in a temperature-controlled environment for preservation. 

One of these is a list of requirements for one of the Royal couple’s early visits to Jersey. 

The items requested for the Duke’s cloakroom are simple and modest, including a clothes brush, a bar of Pears and a white hand towel. 

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Forty years later, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip signed the visitors book at Mont Orgueil Castle, which is now housed at Jersey Archive.

Their signatures are just a few pages after those of King George V and Queen Mary - Queen Elizabeth II’s grandparents, who visited in 1921.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

During a more recent visit to Jersey in 2001, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were invited to dine at Longueville Manor.

The menu was a real showcase of island food with Jersey crab, Jersey Royals and a thick Jersey cream all listed.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

These are just a few snapshots from Jersey Archive’s Royal collection of Prince Philip’s trips to Jersey, preserved for many years to come.