Why didn't Jersey host a gun salute for The Duke of Edinburgh?

On Saturday, gun salutes were held across the UK - including in Guernsey - but not in Jersey. Credit: PA Images

On Saturday (10 April), gun salutes were held across the UK - including in Guernsey - in tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh, who died on Friday.

Since then, many islanders have questioned why Jersey did not join in - something which has now been answered.

In a statement, the Bailiff's Chambers said: "Jersey did not undertake the 41 gun salute as Jersey does not have an official battery of cannons. The cannons used locally are privately owned and fired using pack powder, rather than the electronic firing system as operated in Guernsey.

"The difference between the systems is that Guernsey can quickly clear a misfired round, where as a misfire in Jersey during a gun salute renders the cannon inoperable thereafter, reducing the number of cannons to complete the salute.

"The local re-enactment militia are capable of delivering a 21 gun salute on a tried and tested basis, however a succession of rounds totalling 41 rounds presented a higher degree of risk in completing 41 round for a gun salute in 40 minutes. It is on this basis that Jersey will only ever observe 21 gun salute as planned for the Proclamation of the King, following the demise of Her Majesty.

"It should be noted that Guernsey maintains the hardware on Castle Cornet from the original responsibility of being a designated signal station within the British Isles."