Jersey's Elizabeth Marina storm gate assessed for damage

  • Timelapse video by Ports of Jersey/Slingshot Films

Jersey's Elizabeth Marina storm gate is undergoing a structural survey to assess the extent of repairs needed.

The gate, which keeps the marina and its boats protected from harsh weather conditions, was damaged after part of the mechanism failed in November 2018.

The storm gate was removed last week using a 33 metre barge which was fitted with a crane to lift it out of the water.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The gate is now being inspected by an engineering team in the North Quay to see if it can be repaired, or whether it will need to be completely replaced.

If an entirely new gate is needed, it could cost Ports of Jersey in the region of £1.2 million.

The Port's Project Manager says the cost will be far less if it can be repaired using on-island skills.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Work began at the end of March when divers from the UK spent time investigating the underwater infrastructure and planning the gate's removal.

A report which details the findings will be completed next month, Ports of Jersey will then take recommendations from the engineers as to whether to repair or replace the gate.

Small repairs will be complete whilst the gate is back in situ, however if a replacement is required, it may not happen until next year.

Boat owners can continue to use the Marina while the work is in progress.