Guernsey plans to open borders with regional categorisation

Guernsey is reintroducing the country and regional categorisation for travellers into the Bailiwick from 23 April. Credit: ITV/PA

Guernsey will open its borders with country and regional categorisation on 23 April.

Arriving passengers will isolate for less time depending on what category the country or area they have departed from is.

Business trips that cannot be carried out remotely will be allowed from 23 April.

From 14 May people will be charged £25 per test.

Currently all destinations are in category 4.

  • All arrivals must test on their day of arrival and on day 13

  • They must self-isolate until they receive negative results from both tests

  • If they decline to take one of the tests, they must self-isolate for 21 days

From 23 April Category 3 countries and regions will be reintroduced.

  • Arrivals from Category 3 destinations are tested on arrival and on day seven

  • They must self-isolate until they receive a negative result from both tests

  • They must continue to observe ‘passive follow-up’ rules for a further seven days

  • If they decline to have one of the two tests, they must self-isolate for 21 days

From 23 April business tunnels will again be permitted

  • Controlled, short business trips that cannot be achieved remotely will be allowed.

From 14 May Category 2 destinations will be reintroduced.

  • Travellers will be tested twice, on arrival and on day seven, but they will only need to self-isolate until their first result comes back negative.

  • They can then leave their self-isolation and observe ‘passive follow-up’ rules until 14 days after their arrival.

The CCA still intends to introduce a charge for COVID-19 tests. Credit: PA

From 14 May a charge for Covid tests will be introduced.

The States of Guernsey says that all travellers will need to pay a fee of £25 for each test (test on arrival as well as the test on day seven or day 13).

Officials say Category 1 will continue to apply to any country or region where an ‘air bridge’ has been established.