Review launched into Jersey’s minimum wage

A review on the Jersey’s minimum wage is being carried out. Credit: PA

The process for calculating Jersey’s minimum wage is being reviewed.

Islanders will be asked for their views on the current process which has been in place for 15 years.


Minimum wage (per hour) 1 April 2019


Minimum wage (per hour) 1 October 2019


Minimum wage (per hour) 1 April 2020

The Government would also like to hear what islanders think about a range of alternative options on how the minimum wage might be set in the future.

It will also look at the level and timing of the next minimum wage rate.

I am committed to ensuring that the minimum wage-setting process remains appropriate and meets the specific needs of both employees and employers in Jersey. I would like to encourage Islanders to respond to the consultation so we can decide on the best option for Jersey. The consultation will run from Friday 16 April until the end of May and can be accessed here.

Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin

Currently the Employment Forum reviews the minimum wage every year and recommends to the minister what minimum wage rate should apply from April of the next year.

Calls to raise minimum wage in Jersey