Blindness screening clinic opens for diabetic islanders in Jersey

The clinic is named after Alain du Chemin whose donation helped fund the facility. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new clinic to screen diabetic islanders for blindness has opened at Jersey's General Hospital.

The du Chemin Suite is for patients suffering from diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, a condition which can lead to sight loss. The facility, based in the hospital's Gwyneth Huelin Wing, will allow more patients to be assessed for the condition.

Diabetes is the fourth most common cause of blindness and it is now hoped that all diabetic patients can be assessed by the end of 2021.

The new facility and equipment has been named after Alain du Chemin whose donation helped get the clinic up and running.

Diabetes Jersey also provided two new retinal cameras.

A pilot screening programme was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic but since January, daily clinics have been running at the General Hospital and Overdale.

Appointments are available in English, Portuguese and Polish.