30% of Jersey's waters could become a National Marine Park

  • Report by ITV Channel's Sophie Dulson

An international marine conservation group is calling for better protection of Jersey's seas.

The Blue Marine Foundation listed Jersey as one of ten sites across the British Isles that could gain National Marine Park status.

If approved, it could see a third of Jersey's waters become a National Marine Park.

The group says marine parks aim to "celebrate our biodiversity and heritage, improve public understanding and communicate the value of our coast and sea".

They hope to improve the stewardship of the seas by engaging local communities to help manage their local marine areas.

The Blue Marine Foundation report sets out a vision for establishing National Marine Parks in the seas around Britain. Credit: ITV Channel TV

But environmental campaigners in Jersey are not convinced.

Kevin McIlwee from Jersey's Marine Conservation does not believe there is enough legislation for them to make a real difference.

Kevin McIlwee from Jersey's Marine Conservation says Marine Parks are not really protected at all. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jacqui Carrel from Save Our Shoreline Jersey, thinks marine parks are a good idea, but says a lot needs to happen first before Jersey is given the status.

Local environmentalists believe a lot of work needs to be done first before Jersey is given National Marine Park status. Credit: ITV Channel