Community Horticultural project has started to grow in Jersey

Permission has been granted for a new and inclusive community horticultural project to begin in Jersey.

The 'Grow' project is the brainchild of Thrive Jersey and will see a 13 vergée site in the heart of Jersey's countryside transformed into an organic, sustainable, multi-crop and educational site for the whole community. Project leaders hope it will make a positive and significant impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of Islanders.

Thrive's Andy le Seelleur MBE says the site could be a fundamental gamechanger for Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The fruit, vegetables and produce grown on site will be distributed to people who need it.

The team behind the project say the community smallholding will be a hub for education and awareness about issues that affect everyone such as the climate emergency, biodiversity loss, sustainable transport and responsible soil management.

The produce grown on site will be distributed to people who need it in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Operational consent for the site has been granted and 'Grow' is working in close partnership with the Parish of St Helier, who own the land adjacent to Surville Cemetery.

Jason Turner, Chief Executive Officer of the Parish of St Helier says the development is a 'great idea' and will get the support and backing of the Parish.

The team have already received a small holder licence from the Parish to occupy and farm the land, but this vision still needs to go before planning before the dream can become a reality.