EU nationals in Jersey reminded to apply for settled status

The deadline for making the application is 30th June 2021. Credit: ITV Channel TV

European Union nationals living in Jersey are being reminded to apply for settled status.

Of the 20,000 estimated European nationals living in Jersey, around 16,000 people have so far registered for settled status. This is a requirement post-Brexit.

The Home Affairs Minister did stress in the States Assembly, that the figure of 20,000 had been very much an estimate. The number of new applications had now reduced to a "trickle". He suggested the real figure is somewhat lower than the original estimate. 

Constable Len Norman said it is also unknown "how many people have left the island" since the original estimate was made. The deadline for making the application is 30th June 2021.

Anyone who has not registered for settled status after that point, will be living illegally in the island.

The main issues they would face, according to Deputy Norman, would be in relation to accessing work and healthcare.

They would also have difficulty in travelling back into the Common Travel Area, where they would have no right of entry without a visa and work permit.The Minister offered some reassurances that people would be dealt with sympathetically on a case-by-case basis after that date. But emphasised the focus should be on assisting and encouraging those who have not yet applied for settled status, to do so within the deadline.When asked about processing delays, he said there "has been a five-fold increase in resource to try to catch up and clear the backlog".

He also said that "anyone who had applied for settled status would not have any problems after the deadline date, even if they are still awaiting confirmation of their settled status". In the meantime, an online facility has been put in place for anyone needing confirmation of their application for settled status, should it be required in relation to a work or housing application.