Repair work to get underway on Guernsey's Douit du Moulin slipway

A section of the slipway, located on the island's west coast, was badly damaged by bad weather at the end of 2020. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Repair works will be commencing next week on Le Douit du Moulin slipway in order toreinstate this important access route to the beach.

This comes after urgent remedial repair works were carried out to a damaged section of the slipway at the end of last year.

These remedial repair works were carried out to prevent additional damage to the area in unfavourable weather which could undermine the structural integrity of the slipway.

Now that Guernsey has entered the more favourable seasons, more long-term repair works may be carried out.

The slipway was damaged in severe weather at the end of last year. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Agriculture, Countryside & Land Management Services has confirmed that the damaged area of Le Douit du Moulin slipway will be rebuilt in cast concrete.

This will match the larger, pre-existing concrete repair (dating from damage sustained in the 1960s) at the top of the slipway where it meets the coast road.

Cast concrete was the most economical and practical solution. The alternative being a full masonry repair to reinstate the original granite which would require an additional £95,000compared to the cost of the concrete repair.

The value of the concrete repair taking place is in the region of £65,000.

Subject to weather conditions it is anticipated that the preparatory works will be able to commence this week during the spring tide, followed by the concrete repair work during the subsequent neap tide.

The works are expected to last around four weeks, weather permitting. This is a third of the time a full masonry repair would require.

During the course of these works there is no expected requirement for traffic management on Route du Grand Port.

The works should be completed by the end of May.