Post-Brexit fishing licences approved by Jersey States

Jersey fishermen protesting in March about post-Brexit trading conditions Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey States has approved a new licensing system for fishing boats. Under the UK's trade deal with the EU, Jersey has to allow European vessels access to its territorial waters. To give Jersey's government time to develop the licensing system, French boats have been fishing freely around the island since the beginning of the year. Owners of larger vessels will need a permit to operate in Jersey waters from the start of May. Smaller boats have until the start of July. French fishermen will have to prove a history of fishing in Jersey waters in order to gain a permit. Local boats will also need a license. Jersey fishermen have complained it will lead to overfishing by the French. They staged a protest last month after problems with landing their own catch in France. Jersey's Environment Minister, Deputy John Young, said the new system was a requirement of the Brexit deal, and Jersey would have to make it work.

Sustainable fishing is the whole point of the agreement. And we will have to make sure we have a proper process of consultation with our French neighbours, but we make the decisions now.

Deputy John Young, Jersey's Environment Minister