Guernsey charity wins international funding to track ocean waste

  • Helen Quin from The Clean Earth Trust

A Guernsey charity has been given international funding to produce the island's first annual report on marine waste.

The Clean Earth Trust has joined over 100 projects worldwide to partner with the RBC Tech for Nature programme, which aims to combat a lack of data on planetary health.

This year's scheme has given over £7 million to charitable causes.

Helen Quin from The Clean Earth Trust says the grant will fund The Beach Clean Project, a new initiative to survey Guernsey's coastline and track rubbish that washes up on its shores.

It's a simple case of cleaning up the beach, counting what we find and making note of the different types of waste that we're finding ... it's really to try and understand what is affecting our marine habitats, what is coming from international, fishery and residential sources, so we can start to guide legislative changes and inform the public and businesses.

Helen Quin, Community Engagement at The Clean Earth Trust

The group have started weekly beach clean surveys and are encouraging local people to take part.

Islanders will also be able to submit their own findings on a new website which is set to launch in early May.

It is hoped the project will bring together community efforts to clean up Guernsey's beaches and provide valuable information to reduce future waste.