Guernsey sports clubs encouraged to take part in new safeguarding training

The free online course is running on Wednesday (18 April). Credit: ITV Channel TV

Sports clubs in Guernsey are being encouraged to increase the number of coaches and volunteers that have safeguarding training in the island.

The Guernsey Sports Commission has secured funding for a new online Adult Safeguarding course. It is so sports leaders can identify those who are at risk and learn how to create a safe environment so everyone can enjoy their sport.

The organisation has secured funding through the Saffrey Rotary Walk.

Safeguarding adults is a responsibility for every sport organisation. Getting safeguarding right will ensure a wider participation in sport and ensure safe access for everyone.

Jenny Murphy, Safeguarding Lead for the Guernsey Sports Commission

The course is running on the evening of Wednesday 28 April, with spaces still available for people to attend.

To book go to the Guernsey Sports website.