More than 2,000 people take a behind the scenes look at Jersey's new hospital

Members of the public can also have their say on the designs of the new hospital at the Overdale site. Credit: ITV Channel TV

More than 2,000 people in Jersey have now had a virtual look behind the scenes at the design process for the island's new hospital.The Our Hospital online public exhibition opened over a month ago and details plans on how the new site at Overdale will be accessed and landscaped.

It also explains how the project will support the environment and the impact it will have on the economy.

Members of the public can also have their say on the designs.

Continued engagement with islanders will be key to the success of the Our Hospital project. This exhibition not only gives members of the public an update on the progress made to date, but also allows visitors to the exhibition to provide feedback and ideas, all of which are fed directly to the design and delivery partner.

Senator Lyndon Farnham, Chairman of the Our Hospital Political Oversight group

Concerns have been raised that services could disappear when the new hospital opens, such as the rehabilitation ward - which was only moved to Gloucester Street from the current site at Overdale due to the pandemic.

However, Senator Lyndon Farnham said that with the exception of meals on wheels, horticulture and the pharmacy store, all Overdale services would be moved to the former Le Quennevais school buildings and then welcomed back onto the new site in due course.

For more on the virtual exhibition visit the Our Hospital website.