Filming underway for second series of The Real Housewives of Jersey

Credit ITV Channel TV
Filming for series one took place at the end of last summer. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Filming is currently underway for the second series of The Real Housewives of Jersey.

After the show's debut on on ITVBe between December and March, it has now been confirmed it will return to our screens this summer.

Kate Taylor and Margaret Thompson have been seen filming together.

Cameras have been spotted around the island over the weekend, however sources say not all the leading ladies will be returning - and there could be some new faces joining the cast instead.

An official statement on this is yet to be released.

The Housewives series showcased Jersey's scenic coastlines. Credit: ITV/Monkey Kingdom

In other entertainment news, national media reports suggested that Love Islands producers were considering Jersey as a backup location, if production could not go ahead in Spain because of travel restrictions.

The government said it would be "happy to welcome" couples, with Visit Jersey labelling the idea as "fantastic".