Jersey football side head to Dorset for The FA Inter-League Cup semi-finals

Jersey's team is made up of the island's best footballers from across the Jacksons Premiership Credit: ITV Channel TV

14 months after qualifying for The FA Inter-League semi-finals Jersey are finally set to play the game.

Tonight they travel to Dorset with a trip to St Georges Park and a place in the final on the line.

Ordinarily the eventual winners of the competition represent England at a UEFA tournament but that honour has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

Despite that Jersey remain hopeful of winning the tournament for a second time, having triumphed during the 2011/12 season.

I'm feeling confident. I've got a strong team. We've got a game plan in mind to try and go ahead and get the game won early. We've underachieved in this tournament. We've had a really good group of players over the last ten years and this is something we should've done better in.

Martin Cassidy, Manager

Jersey reached the last four with a 2-0 victory over The Southern Amateur League back in February 2020. Tonight's game kicks off at 19:45.

Squad in full: Euan Van der Vliet (St Pauls) , Luke Duncan (St Ouen) , Jonathan Le Quesne (St Pauls) , Luke Campbell (St Peter) , James Queree (Jersey Wanderers) , Jay Giles (St Pauls) , Jake Prince (St Ouen) , Adam Trotter (St Pauls) , Kamen Nafkha (Jersey Wanderers) , Sol Solomon (St Peter) , Ruben Mendes Pestana (St Pauls) , Fraser Barlow (Jersey Wanderers) , Luca Margaroli (St Pauls) , Logan McGhee (Jersey Wanderers) , Josh Coutanche (Jersey Wanderers) , Kieran Lester (St Pauls)