Fears rental prices forcing Guernsey residents into homelessness

There are concerns the price of renting in Guernsey could be forcing some residents into homelessness. 

After family difficulties, 33-year-old Paul Goddard says he was forced to live in a car for several weeks and has struggled to find a stable place to live for years. 

He says he had been priced out of the market and despite being offered states housing, couldn't afford the rent.

According to the latest official figures which date back to 2019, there were 264 households on the waiting list for affordable housing.


The number of households on the waiting list for affordable housing in 2019.

In the private sector, monthly rental prices increased by 3.8% between 2014 and 2019.

 I think Guernsey's got to wake up to the fact that it's got a fully fledged housing crisis going on and the next couple of years are going to be rocky. However much the states does and the private sector does to address that with creating new housing stock it doesn't happen in weeks, it doesn't happen in months. So I'm afraid Guernsey is in a very difficult position at the moment.

Deputy Peter Roffey, Committee for Employment and Social Security

Guernsey Rentals say the issue has more recently been exacerbated by the pandemic as people have decided to return to the island after working abroad.