Guernsey 'playing catchup' to carry out coastal repairs and maintenance

Guernsey's having to "play catchup" to carry out some of the repairs and maintenance of its coastal areas, according to officials.

Over the winter, rough sea conditions and stormy weather have often damaged parts of the sea walls. 

The Committee for Environment and Infrastructure says progress is being made but a lack of resources and historic underfunding means they have to prioritise the works that protect businesses and homes.

We are still playing catchup on the maintenance to make sure that we have a well-secured coastal defence infrastructure but I think we have funds available to deliver that programme bearing in mind the delivery options that we have on island.

Peter Barnes, Coastal Programme Manager

It follows from concerns that repairs to a large section of the Fermain wall are long overdue, seven years after it collapsed. 

Work will be taking place in May at Havelet, Grand Port, St George Esplanade and Catioroc to Perelle. 

When you've got a limited amount of money you do need to prioritise how you spend that - and the logical way to prioritise works and coastal defences is to prioritise works that protect more stuff.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, President of the Committee for Environment & Infrastructure