Hugging arrivals and hotel check-in times: Jersey FAQs on Covid travel answered

Credit: PA Images

It is okay to hug loved ones when they arrive into Jersey? If so, does this mean you have to isolate with them? And what should you do if your plane lands at 10am, but you can't have your hotel room until 2pm?

Here at ITV Channel TV, we've been finding out the answers to any Covid-related questions you have.

Hugging arrivals

Arriving passengers are required to follow Jersey’s legislation and guidance. Currently, the advice and guidance is to maintain two metres physical distancing whenever possible and at least one metre at all times. If however, a resident does hug somebody, this may result in them - and potentially the rest of their household - needing to isolate, which would be required if the arriving passenger subsequently returns a positive test result.

Checking in 

Arriving passengers should always go directly to their place of accommodation. All arriving passengers are advised to make arrangements (prior to travelling) with their accommodation provider to ensure there is an appropriate area for them to isolate should their room not be immediately available.

For passengers with green travel histories, this scenario can be avoided by them providing evidence of a negative PCR test 72 hours before travel. In this case, they can avoid the need for an arrival test and also do not need to isolate.

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