Islanders encouraged to keep mowers and strimmers in the shed

Islanders encouraged to join No Mow May campaign Credit: ITV Channel News

Throughout May, islanders are being encouraged not to mow or strim their gardens to prevent pollinator like bees and butterflies from going into decline.

The campaign run by the British Conservation Charity, Plantlife, asks you to leave your mowers and strimmer’s in the shed to allow flowers to grow.

This campaign is a fantastic opportunity for islanders to do their bit for the environment. We see the most nectar and flowers in gardens that are mowed no more than once every four weeks. Every year around this time we see lots of hedgehogs injured or killed due to strimmer’s, so this campaign will also benefit their welfare.

Nina Cornish, Research Ecologist

However, islanders still must comply with branchage rules in cutting down overgrown plants obstructing roads and public footpaths.

Last year we updated the mowing regime to reflect current UK guidelines, so now we only mow a one-metre strip along most of our grass verges which still keeps us on the right side of the Branchage regulations, but allows wildflowers and grasses to develop which has a huge benefit to pollinators and wildlife.

Bruce Labey, Senior Operations Manager of Park and Gardens and Cleaning Services

A branchage inspection will take still take place in June.