Jersey's government holds 'constructive' discussions with French fishermen

Deputy Guida and Gregory Morel, Natural Environment Marine Resources, aboard the Jersey vessel. Credit: Jersey Government
Deputy Gregory Guida and Gregory Morel speak to French fishermen. Credit: Jersey Government

Jersey's government say they held a "constructive meeting" with French fishermen to discuss a resolution to the fishing dispute.

It is after a flotilla of French fishermen blockaded Jersey's main harbour, angry that some applications for licences to fish in the island's waters were rejected.

Deputy Gregory Guida, Jersey's assistant environment minister, and other government officials spoke to French fishermen after a request for concerns to be heard directly.

Jersey's External Relations Minister Senator Ian Gorst says extensive efforts are continuing to "resolve the current dispute and resume previous good relations".

Jersey government representatives boarded the Norman Le Brocq Fisheries boat.

The French fishermen entered the harbour for the boats to come alongside to ensure coronavirus regulations are met.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Emergencies Council and the Jersey Maritime Security Group, including the Royal Navy, are continuing to assess and monitor the situation.