‘Jab and go’: No more isolation for UK visitors to Jersey who've been vaccinated

Arrivals into Jersey from the UK who have had both of their Covid vaccinations will not need to isolate at all. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Arrivals into Jersey from the UK who have had both of their Covid vaccinations will not need to isolate at all.

From 28 May, those who have had their two jabs at least two weeks prior to travel will not need to isolate if they are arriving from a ‘green’ or ‘amber’ area, but will still be tested on arrival.

Those coming from ‘red’ areas will continue to need to isolate and face day 0, 5 and 10 tests.

The rules for children with adults who have been vaccinated have yet to be finalised, as have details about how both UK and Jersey residents will prove their vaccination.

It is part of a series of changes announced today (10 May) by the government as part of a plan to make travel to Jersey a more attractive option.

The previous regional UK map to categorise different areas for their rates of coronavirus will be replaced with country-wide ratings for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The changes, based on current rates, will turn England, Scotland and Wales green, and Northern Ireland amber from 28 May.

For non-vaccinated travellers, testing for green area arrivals will be reduced to day 0 and 8 with isolation until the result of the day 0 test.

Those from amber and red areas will still be tested on day 0, 5 and 10. Amber arrivals will isolate until their day 5 test, red until day 10.

The system will stay in place for the summer.

A previously announced “rest of the world” travel map due from 17 May has been delayed.

Since last month, the so-called traffic light system, with UK regions categorised red, amber or green based on their prevalence of Covid cases, has seen all travellers tested on arrival, and again on days five and ten, with red arrivals isolating for ten days, amber for five, and green until the result of their arrival test.

The government says reducing rates of coronavirus in the UK, as well as the rollout of the vaccine both there and in Jersey makes easing the restrictions possible.

53,000 people in Jersey have had their first dose – including the majority of over 40s. 36,000 people having had their second – including the majority of over 55s. It means almost all people considered at highest risk of coronavirus have now had both jabs.

Since the return of the traffic light system, just over 5,000 travellers have visited the island by air or sea, of whom just one person tested positive for coronavirus and stayed in isolation. There has been no case of coronavirus in the community in Jersey for 42 days.

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