13-year-old arrested after anti-social behaviour at Jersey's Lido

A group of teenagers were caught on camera leaving what staff have described as a "disgusting amount of mess", causing families to leave over safety concerns. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Lido in St Helier was forced to close on Saturday (15 May) due to "uncontrollable anti-social behaviour" by a group of youths.

Police confirmed today (17 May) that a 13-year-old was arrested in relation to the incident, and some alcohol was seized.

According to a post on Poolside Jersey's Facebook page, a group of teenagers were drinking alcohol, hiding in the changing rooms and leaving a "disgusting amount of mess".

It added that anti-social behaviour at the Lido had got increasingly worse and was now putting the business at risk.

The Lido was closed due to concerns over safety and that families and staff were being put at risk.

The youths were reportedly caught on CCTV which is being reviewed by police.

There has been a spike in reports of anti-social behaviour in the past 12 months with one group of around a dozen youths, aged 12 to 15 responsible for the majority of the complaints.

Other businesses in the island have also been targeted in recent months.

In March, it was reported that the Liberty Wharf shopping centre had endured a year of anti-social behaviour by a group of youths which included several incidents of vandalism, fires being started in the toilets and at least one assault.

Police say they are using a 'multi-agency approach' to try and tackle the problem.

Officers will also be following up with businesses and residents near the Lido to listen to any concerns.

Social media post over early closure from anti-social behaviour Credit: Poolside Jersey

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