Kidding around: Sophia Bird meets the 27 new arrivals in Jersey

Despite the really unsettled weather and the wet conditions, believe it or not it is still spring in meteorological terms.

Spring is a time when we tend to celebrate new life in plants and the animal world, and despite the terrible weather it has certainly been busy at one farm.

Tim Le Cornu runs a farm called Jerriaise d'Or Goat Farm , which is Jersey French for Jersey Gold. The farm is home to over 50 goats, that are a breed called Golden Guernsey, so it is a very apt name. Since the start of spring, Tim has welcomed 27 kids to the new farm in St Lawrence in Jersey.Spring runs from February to May, but we have already had all of May's monthly average rainfall (around 55mm) in the last 17 days, but the wet weather has not stopped the newborns arriving.

I had a super cuddle with Louis who was terribly docile and warm  - a bit like a hot water bottle. He was only a week old and is a twin. Many of the kids were keen to check out the camera man's equipment.

Over the coming months the idea is for some of the boys to leave the farm and go on as pets and field companions to horses and sheep. The girls will stay and the idea is to make goat's cheese.