Branding to be removed from cigarette packaging in Guernsey

This is how packaging will look after the latest regulation implementation Credit: ITV Channel TV

All tobacco products sold in Guernsey will have plain packaging by August next year.

The Committee for Health and Social Care agreed the move to reduce the advertising and promotion of smoking even further.

The same regulations have been proposed for Jersey and are due to be debated by the States Assembly in July.

It will mean product names will be presented in a standard font, size and colour and trademarks, logos, colour schemes and graphics will not be permitted by law.

Even though the regulations come into force in Guernsey until 31 July 2021, there will be a one-year 'sell through' period for cigarettes and loose tobacco, with a two-year period for other tobacco products.

The Guernsey and Alderney Wellbeing Survey report found:

  • 13% of islanders who regularly smoke are more likely to report their health as fair, bad or very bad compared with those who have never smoked.

  • 16% of deaths in Guernsey and Alderney are attributable to smoking, which equates to approximately 86 people dying every year.

Stopping smoking is the single most positive action that can be made to improve health and Guernsey’s free stop smoking service, Quitline, is available to support anyone who would like to give up smoking.