Guernsey to remove framework for smaller housing sites

Smaller housing developments sites will not require a development framework Credit: ITV Channel TV

Planning bosses in Guernsey have removed the need for developers to apply for development frameworks for smaller housing sites.

The move by the Development and Planning Authority has been made following industry feedback and the current economic climate.

A development framework is used to look at how well the proposed development fits into the Island's Development Plan, as well as the pros and cons of the site, and what type of housing is planned.

These proposals will apply to:

  • Smaller housing proposals of less than 20 dwellings in main centres

  • Areas on the outer areas of town of 10 dwellings of less

The aim is to remove a step in the process for smaller and less complex sites to achieve a streamlined service, freeing up more resources.

The committee will continue to monitor this new approach to Development Frameworks.

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