Average 3 bed house now over £700,000 in Jersey

Drone shot of town houses in Jersey
The average 3 bedroom home is now over £700,000 in Jersey Credit: ITV Channel TV

The cost of an average three bed family home in Jersey is the highest its ever been. It has increased by £22,000 in the last quarter according to latest statistics from Jersey's government.

The First Quarter Housing Price Index report showed that three bedroom homes in Jersey jumped from an average price of £687,000 in the last quarter of 2020 to £709,000 in the first quarter of 2021.

Credit: Statistics Jersey

Although there have been drops in prices of 1 bedroom flats, 2 bedroom homes and 4 bedroom homes over the last quarter ranging between £6,000 and £40,000.

Credit: Statistics Jersey

Claudia Marques, has a family and currently lives in a 2 bedroom apartment but is looking to move 3 bedroom property as their 2 children grow up. Three bedroom properties with parking are so limited but even though she's still looking but having little success.

Claudia says she has friends who are looking for a two bed property in the region of £300,000, and says it is "mind-blowing" that it "just doesn't exist".

She says the "fact that everybody is now cooped into these small little places" is taking away from the "quality of life that should be in the centre of Jersey".

Senator Sam Mézec, the leader of Reform Jersey thinks the Jersey Government need to take a more critical stance and make a decision who they side with.

Deputy Russell Labey, Jersey's Housing Minister said that this is one of the biggest challenges on the island and that it will take time to address the issue but confident the government is making progress.

The report also highlighted that house prices in Jersey are considerably higher than both Guernsey and the UK.

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