Designs for Jersey's new hospital revealed

The first plans for Jersey's new hospital at Overdale have been revealed. Credit: Government of Jersey

Preliminary plans for Jersey's long-awaited new hospital at Overdale have been revealed.

The chosen site at Overdale has proved divisive throughout the selection process but the man leading the project hopes the designs will put concerns to rest.

The new hospital will comprise five buildings. As well as the main hospital building there will also be a dedicated mental health facility, a knowledge centre, an energy building and a multi-story car park.

Hospital plans - Mental Health unit Credit: Government of Jersey

However, the hospital's hilltop location will make it a prominent feature in the local landscape.

View of hosptial Credit: Government of Jersey

The plans predict it will be visible from Millbrook to the west, Elizabeth Castle to the South, La Colomberie to the east and Le Mont a L'abbe to the north.

The designs have been created with nature in mind and incorporate large amounts of natural light. The lead architects says the location is perfect for promoting wellbeing.

There's a focus on incorporating natural light and surroundings, along with retaining nearby woodland. Credit: Government of Jersey
Hospital plans - Blue light entrance Credit: Government of Jersey

Hospital plans - Typical bedroom suite Credit: Government of Jersey
Hospital plan - boulevard Credit: Government of Jersey

Another concern over the site at Overdale is the issue of access, with the primary route to the hospital via Westmount Road.

The new designs reveal plans to increase the width of the carriageway to 6.7 metres to allow two buses to pass on the bend.

A four metre cycle and footpath will also be added making the total width 10.7 metres across.

Hosptial plans - Westmount Road Credit: Government of Jersey

He added the project would also require the loss of a number of trees but that for every one removed, three more would be planted.

Hospital plans - Entrance landscaping Credit: Government of Jersey

The Government has negotiated a maximum build cost of £550m for Overdale, and says it expects the new hospital to be built by 2026.

A debate on the budget for the project will be brought to the States in September.

Officials say the planning application for the site will be made no later than November.