Rescued seal pup nicknamed 'Pork Pie' doing 'as well as can be expected'

  • A male grey seal pup has been rescued, video provided by the GSPCA.

A poorly seal pup nicknamed 'Pork Pie' is doing "as well as can be expected" after the GSPCA rescued him.

The charity's manager Steve Byrne says the animal made it through the first couple of nights in their care and has been treated by a vet who gave him some medicine.

Welfare experts from the GSPCA were called out to the Fairy Ring on the evening of 1 June.

The underweight animal was discovered with open wounds, cuts and a bloody nose.

The male grey seal pup was able to be identified thanks to a green tag that had been attached to his body by another charity.

The seal was rescued at the Fairy Ring in Guernsey. Credit: GSPCA

'Pork Pie' was first rescued in October 2020 by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Bude where he got his name.

Since his release into the English Channel in January, the GSPCA says he looks "battered about", likely due to the stormy weather, and is the furthest travelled seal they are aware of.

He joins a number of other seals which remain in the charity's care.