Latvians in Guernsey to get small States pension thanks to new agreement

The States of Guernsey
Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new pensions agreement between Guernsey and Latvia has come into force.

The reciprocal agreement means people from Latvia who have lived and worked in Guernsey, but have not yet paid enough contributions to receive a minimum Guernsey pension, will be able to get a part-pension from the States when they reach pension age.

It will also apply to people from Guernsey living in Latvia, though this is expected to be less common.

Latvian nationals who have settled in Guernsey will also be able to receive a pension from Latvia when they reach pension age which is based on the payments that they have already made into the country's pension system.

Similar systems are in place with guest workers from the UK and Portugal.

Anyone over pension age who thinks they may now be eligible for the scheme should contact the Pensions and Allowances Team via email, or by calling 01481 222506.