Partial solar eclipse to be visible from Channel Islands today

The eclipse will start with the sun to the east and will then rise high to the south. Credit: PA Images

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in the Channel Islands today (10 June) as the moon will appear to move across and cover a part of the sun's surface.

The spectacle will begin at around 10:03am, with the maximum of 29.5% of the eclipse happening at 11:05am. It will appear as though the sun appearing to have a growing, and then diminishing, 'bite' out of it.

Astronomers are not expecting to see the moon itself, but people should be able to see the silhouette when it overlaps the sun as onlookers will be looking at it from the shadowed side.

People are being told not to look directly into the sun through any optical equipment as this could damage eye sight.

Some parts of the world, such as Canada and Northeastern Russia, will see the annular eclipse where the moon will almost fully cover the sun, leaving a 'ring of fire' visible around the sun at the full eclipse.