Good boy! Bear the Border Collie becomes a viral hit

Pictures from Sophie Goss

A very clever Collie from Guernsey has been winning hearts online by correctly identifying all of his cuddly toys by memory.

Bear the Border Collie has become a viral hit across Instagram and TikTok for being able to bring his owner each of his 52 toys on command.

His skills have become so popular that he was invited to show them off to Holly and Phil on the This Morning sofa.

Bear arrived from a working farm and his owners were told to give him jobs, so that he felt a sense of purpose. Before long, he was collecting washing baskets and even collects cold drinks for his owners from the fridge!

They knew he was intelligent from the moment he arrived.

When not gathering up his toys or collecting things from around the house, Bear likes to watch television - with 101 Dalmatians being his favourite film.