GSPCA 'extremely busy' nursing surge of baby birds

The GSPCA says it has been 'extremely busy' in recent weeks dealing with huge numbers of baby birds that need hand rearing.

The charity is asking islanders to be mindful when gardening and to leave baby birds alone in the wild, where possible.

The GSPCA has already nursed hundreds of baby and young birds including finches, corvids, pigeons and ducklings this year. Credit: GSPCA

From hatching, most birds take around two weeks to learn how to fly.

The charity says that most fledglings are able to walk, run and hop onto low branches and will try and hide in undergrowth while their parents are away collecting food.

Islanders are asked to only move them a short distance to safety if they are in immediate danger.

The GSPCA sees roughly 1,500 sick birds every year and is reliant on fundraising events to be able to keep up with the high demand.