'Critical' point for Guernsey's Petit Train with takings down 98%

The operators of Guernsey's Petit Train say it is at risk of shutting down unless tourists are allowed back into the island.

The business takings are down 98% in comparison to the two previous years, where passenger numbers have peaked at more than 300 per day.

Daily passenger numbers this year have been as low as six, which driver Andy Furniss says is "not enough to fill the train up with diesel".

Ongoing travel restrictions in the Bailiwick have severely impacted the number of tourists coming to the island, particularly the cancellation of cruise ships season.

Mr Furniss says he has not paid himself a wage for over a year, and stated that the business had reached a critical point in terms of survival.

It means, he says, that the company will not take on its usual five members of casual staff for the second summer running.

Meanwhile the owner of Guernsey Tuk Tuk says he has made no money since starting his business 15 months ago.

In a statement, The States of Guernsey said it is hoped a Visitor Attraction Support scheme will launch later this month to help manage issues faced by the tourism sector.