Woman who made history by swimming from Guernsey to France looks ahead to next challenge

  • Video report by Emma Volney

A woman who made history by becoming the first person to ever complete a solo swim from Guernsey to France has been telling ITV News about the challenges she faced on her journey.

The 30-mile stretch was completed by Amy Ennion on Tuesday (15 June) in 15 hours and 59 minutes.

The swim was previously attempted by Adrian Sarchet who was beaten by the tide after 11 hours in the water.

Amy says she was not going to let coronavirus get in the way of her training. Credit: Instagram

Speaking to ITV News, Amy admitted that the final few hours "were a battle" and that she was "so tired and so exhausted".

The long distance swimmer previously swam the 18-mile stretch from Jersey to France in aid of Bowel Cancer UK and now wants to push herself even further.