New voting system and more parties to make Jersey's next election 'historic'

Islanders will be heading to the polls in exactly a year's time. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's next election, held in exactly a year's time, will be a historic one, according to one of the island's current politicians.

Senator Sam Mézec, who heads up the Reform party, says the new voting system - which sees the role of Senator scrapped - as well as the introduction of more political parties will make it unlike anything islanders have seen before, and will also be a much better process for new candidates.

The government is currently made up of Deputies (parish representatives), Senators (island-wide representatives) and Constables (parish leaders).

However come June 2022, there will instead be 37 district representatives from nine electoral districts and 12 Constables - something Senator Mézec says will make the system fairer.