Staycation boom for Alderney and Herm

Alderney and Herm have seen a staycation boom during the pandemic, according to local businesses. They say the revival of Victoria Street - and the quality of food and attractions - have brought in more local people than ever before.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Another draw to Alderney is the Berhou puffin colony and the Les Etacs gannetry.

Les Etacs gannetry in Alderney. Credit: ITV Channel TV

More than a thousand visitors from the Bailiwick have taken boat trips and walking tours in and around Alderney during the pandemic - bringing in £15,000 for the Alderney Wildlife Trust.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Pre-pandemic there were fears that Victoria Street was dying, with a number of empty shops - but now, many new businesses are opening their doors to customers.

Along with new businesses, existing ones have undergone major refurbishments, such as the La Ville Hotel, formerly known as Chez Andre which says it is 90% full until the end of the year.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Herm has also seen an increase in visitor numbers since Bailiwick Bubble was formed.