Rescued seal pup nicknamed Pork Pie 'doing well and improving daily'

Seal pup in Guernsey/GSPCA
Pork Pie was rescued by the GSPCA on 1 June. Credit: GSPCA

A poorly seal pup nicknamed 'Pork Pie' is doing well and improving daily, according to the GSPCA in Guernsey.

He was discovered on 1 June with open wounds, cuts and a bloody nose and taken to the charity's base on the island where he is 'on the road to recovery' and 'enjoying swimming day and night'.

The grey seal pup was found with a tag which revealed that he had travelled from Cornwall to Guernsey, and had been 'battered about' on his journey across the English Channel.

Pork Pie joins a number of other seals which remain in the charity's care and are expected to be released next month.

VIDEO: Pork Pie after he arrived at the GSPCA at the start of June.