Disabled dressage rider one step away from representing Jersey in a national competition

  • ITV Channel's Josh Wilde reports

A disabled dressage rider has the chance to represent Jersey in a national competition after reaching the regional heats.

Ryan Le Monnier is autistic and has dyspraxia, but his determination and a special bond with horse Finn has seen the pair reach the Southwest qualifier in the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) event.

Ryan and Finn in training at Home Farm. Credit: ITV Channel TV

They hoped to compete last year, but the competition was cancelled due to coronavirus.

This time it is being held virtually, with Ryan submitting a video dressage test to the judges.

The 24-year-old has a "very special" relationship with Finn and says it has transformed his confidence.

Ryan started riding aged 9. Credit: Karen Le Monnier

Ryan started riding at the age of 9 and now trains at Home Farm Equestrian Club, a centre which prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming islanders of all ages and abilities.

They only opened 13 months ago, starting from a speculative Facebook post to more than 200 members - aged between three and 67.

RDA Jersey runs free sessions for local schoolchildren to experience riding a horse for the first time. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Ryan also volunteers for RDA Jersey, who run regular sessions with local schoolchildren, serving as a role model and inspiring the next generation of potential riders.

Ryan will find out the results of his dressage test after 12 July.