Housing supply issues leave Guernsey pet owners struggling to find rental homes

Julie Ozanne has struggled to find a rental property that will allow her to bring her beloved dog. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A pet owner from Guernsey has told ITV News that she would 'rather live in a tent' than give up her beloved dog. Julie Ozanne says she is unable to find rental accommodation that will accept tenants with pets.

The house which she previously rented has been sold and she needs to find a new home by the end of July.

Ms Ozanne is receiving support from The Pancake Project, which aims to increase the number of properties where pets can be kept by tenants. The campaign was started by Bea Smith, who was forced to temporarily live without her rabbit - named Pancake - when she moved into a women's refuge in 2020.

Since launching the campaign, she has been inundated with requests for help, including from pet owners who have been forced to leave the island due to a lack of sympathy from landlords unwilling to accept tenants with animals. Estate agents admit that demand for rental accommodation is 'far outstripping supply' across the island, prompting fears of an impending housing 'crisis'.

States of Guernsey figures reveal the average house price in Guernsey reached £510,000 in March while rental properties increased to nearly £1,500 a month.