Former Alderney Concentration Camp recommendations

Lager Sylt - Alderney
The proposals on what to do with Lager Sylt were revealed last night (8 July). Credit: ITV Channel TV

A research team has made a number of recommendations on how to preserve a former Concentration Camp in Alderney.

The island was under Nazi occupation for five years during the Second World War and in that time, several camps were built.

They include SS Lager Sylt, which was the only Nazi concentration camp in the British Isles.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The proposals, made by International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, were revealed last night (8 July) by Lord Pickles. He's the UK's Special Envoy for Post Holocaust Issues, and Holocaust Historian Dr Gilly Carr.

The eight recommendations are:

  • Improve mapping, liaising with the Land Registry to ensure sites relating to the German Occupation are included.

  • Produce a dedicated website about the site

  • Provide education materials for schools

  • To ensure the four labour camps and other sites of historic interest are 'listed'

  • Stage an exhibition (virtual or actual)

  • Provide signage at all sites

  • Mark the boundary of the burial site on Longis Common

  • Provide new exhibits for the Alderney Museum

The team says it is up to the people of Alderney to decide what to do next.

Around 40 members of the public attended last night's presentation at the Island Hall.

Islanders expressed concern that their island could "become a Holocaust theme park" despite reassurances from Lord Pickles and Dr Gilly Carr that this would not be the case.