Deadline for online tax returns extended by a month in Jersey

view of St Helier and gfx of a tax return
Credit: ITV Channel / Government of Jersey

People in Jersey will have an extra month to file their tax return online.

The Treasury says the changing situation with the Covid-19 pandemic means that 18,500 taxpayers in the island have not yet submitted their tax returns.

As a result, they have granted a one-off extension until Tuesday 31 August for islanders to send them off but they are encouraged not to leave it too close to the deadline.

So far, 46,500 tax returns have been submitted in total with a third lodged online.

Anyone submitting a personal tax return late can face a fine of £300 or the amount equal to their tax if it is less than that figure.

Islanders will need a smartphone and a valid passport to complete their tax return online. More information is available on the website.