Alderney Hospital and care homes closed to visitors after Covid cases

  • ITV Channel's Josh Wilde reports

Islanders in Alderney are not allowed to visit people in hospital or care homes following an outbreak of Covid-19.

The States of Guernsey announced today (16 July) that all routine visits to the Mignot Memorial Hospital and Alderney care homes have stopped with immediate effect.

The decision comes after three positive cases were discovered in Alderney overnight - with St Anne's School closing after eight staff were identified as close contacts.

Contact tracing will continue in Alderney and four nurses have been deployed to the island from Guernsey to support with surge testing.

The government added it is "prepared for cases of community seeding as we begin to live responsibly with COVID-19".

They explained at Mignot Memorial Hospital routine visiting is temporarily suspended - but measures have been put in place to support visits if someone is receiving end of life care.

At Connaught Care Home family and friends visits are also temporarily suspended. However, end of life visits will be individually assessed.

Residents will still receive community care services and meals on wheels with staff in appropriate PPE. 

Advice for islanders

People in Alderney are being encouraged to do the following:

• Stay at home if you feel unwell and seek testing 

• Face coverings recommended – particularly indoors in public areas

• Regular handwashing or use of hand sanitiser 

• Good respiratory etiquette – catch it, bin it, kill it 

• Ensure indoor spaces are well ventilated – open doors and windows and meet outside if possible

• Social distancing recommended where possible 

• Organisers of public events are advised to keep a list of attendees