Data usage soars in Channel Islands according to report

Image of a person holding a phone.
Credit: PA Images

Home working, lockdown and countless zoom meetings are some of the reasons why data usage in the Channel Islands has soared according to a report.

The latest Telecommunications Statistics and Market Report which is compiled together by Statistics Jersey on behalf of Guernsey's Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) and the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) showed varying impacts on the sector as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Key Findings:

The report also highlighted that overall revenues of the telecoms companies were down but they still managed to contribute to the islands' economies.

  • Guernsey's generated turnover - £62.6m

  • Jersey's generated turnover - £104.1m

  • Full time staff employment in the Channel Islands - 794

  • Jersey's contribution via taxes - £14.4m

  • Guernsey's contribution via taxes - £6.1m

  • Total Channel Islands investment in capital gains - £21.1m

The full report can be found here.