Guernsey anti-discrimination plans branded 'too expensive and far reaching'

A think tank in Guernsey has branded proposals for a new anti-discrimination law "too expensive and too far reaching".

It was just over a year ago that Guernsey's politicians agreed to introduce the historic law, with hundreds showing support in front of the States.

But now, The Guernsey Policy and Economic Group (GPEG) has published a report calling for deputies to pause and review it - claiming that the law would cost the States around £2 million a year and could negatively impact businesses.

It has, however, sparked anger from campaigners and charities - they say the Bailiwick is lagging several decades behind and that the legislation is desperately needed.

The anti-discrimination legislation is divided into two phase:

  • Phase 1 will focus on race, disability, sexuality, religion and carer status which is set to come into force in 2022.

  • Phase 2 will cover age-based discrimination and equal pay.