Plans to introduce licences for rental properties in Jersey rejected

Plans to introduce licences for rental properties in Jersey has been rejected by politicians.The proposition, brought by Environment Minister, Deputy John Young, would have made it a legal requirement for landlords to obtain a licence for any property they wished to rent out, which will need to be renewed every five years.

It had been agreed in principle by states members in June.

Under the scheme, which would have come into effect next year, all rental properties would be subject to inspections to ensure they adhered to minimum standards.

Senator Sam Mezec who supported the scheme, said it would make sure "everyone living in a rental home can live a healthy life and know their home is safe for them."

However, the proposition was rejected by just one vote in the assembly on 20 July over accusations it would cause unnecessary bureaucracy for landlords.  

Constable Crowcroft added Jersey already had regulations and health and safety law when it came to rented accommodation which landlords were expected to adhere to. 

Deputy Kirsten Morel also raised concerns over the cost of the scheme which he estimated to be one million pounds per year - a cost he said could fall onto landlords and subsequently their tenants or the taxpayer. 

However, Jersey Tenants Forum accused members of looking after their own interests. Twenty members declared an interest in the proposition for either being a landlord or a spouse of a landlord.